I find it fascinating how our views in life are shaped early by our parents. My parents loved flowers and gardening.  When I was a teenager, I avoided it like the plague, but now find myself drawn to photographing nature.

Mom:  Bloom where you're planted - I'm a late bloomer when it comes to photography, but I've been interested in all things artistic since I was a kid. I was a musician, then a programmer and project manager, but always working on some creative outlet.

Dad: Ancora Imparo - Attributed to Michealangelo in his 80's - I am still learning.  There's so much to learn and do in photography.

Me:  Being a semi-perfectionist is a blessing and a curse - sometimes I've held myself back because it wouldn't be perfect, and therefore not good enough.  I'm working on that through photography and gradually trying to peel back those tentative layers to feel more free to try things - like having a web site!

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