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Locked In Beauty

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

I was moved earlier in the pandemic by a photo series about art museums in Italy during the lockdown. The museum allowed these photographers in to photograph works of art while they were closed. I have been to Italy and their love of art is inspiring. So it seemed so sad to have these beautiful art works not being visited and appreciated. And the country that created these beautiful works was being so impacted by the virus.

The images were visually striking and poignant at the same time - the art looked lonely without someone there to admire it. Part of me longed to be able to have that experience.

I came close recently when I went to see an exhibit that not many people were currently attending. I found myself in a room with art on the walls and a beautiful Italian marble statue by Rafaello Romanelli (1856-1928) and realized that I could re-enact in a small way their experience.

So below are my images capturing the experience of being 'locked in beauty'.

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