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Musica Notturna

This work combines my love of music and the natural world with the heightened sensitivity to the brevity and beauty of all life.  Since music exists only in the moments it is present in the air, it is the ultimate expression of the impermanence of life. I wanted to somehow bring together these feelings and parts of my life into my artistic journey.


Musica Notturna (Night Music) pays homage to the moonflower vine that blooms for a single, lovely night. This uncommon and surprising aspect signifies that beauty can grow in dark times.  Each blossom is an expressive song with its delicate tendrils, twirling buds, unfurling shapes and graceful closure. Musical terms are magical words that consummate the interpretation of music. These beautiful Italian words describe the musical character of each blossom. 


"There are flowers that only bloom for the moon

And how beautiful is it knowing good things can grow in darkness"

-Jinan Safko

Click the image for a larger version. Then click the arrows to move forward or back in the series.

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